Powder Penguin

The Ultimate Puzzle Experience Has Arrived.

Help Riz clear the snow, so he can relax! Solve all 800 levels or unlock the Level Builder and create your own! Choose your version of fun with Powder Penguin!

– 800 Levels to Solve
– 30 Unique Objects to Unlock
– Build and Share your Own Levels
– Play Against the Best Players Online
– Challenge Individual Friends
– More Levels and Objects Coming Soon

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Do you hate it when your favorite game ends too soon? Well, listen up friends. Powder Penguin is here to offer you endless playability. With 800 levels to solve (and 200 more coming before the end of 2021), you’re unlikely to ever reach the end. However, if you’re one of the few that does, the Level Builder and Online Modes will make sure you never get bored.

With Powder Penguin's Level Builder, you can design and build your own custom levels. Then, you can upload your creations for the world to discover and play! See if you can stump everyone. Or see if you can solve the community's best levels. 
Not interested in sharing your levels with everyone? You can also privately send your creations to individual friends! Notifications alert you when a friend sends you a level or if they solve a level you sent them. Track your head-to-head stats and see who's the better builder and who's the better player.

The gaming community is full of different personalities. Some enjoy an individualized experience, while others enjoy connecting with a community. Some prefer solving, while others prefer creating. With Powder Penguin, we strive to offer the best of all worlds and let you decide what to do. Discover endless puzzle fun today with Powder Penguin!