powder penguin with umbrella

Pizza Soup is a mobile gaming company that specializes in iOS development. It has a certain number of employees and operates out of a specific city in the United States of America. If you’d like to know more, we suggest doing something else instead. It’s not that we don’t want to be friends, it’s just that we love our simple, private lives. We hope you can respect that, for now.

That said, we can tell you a couple things about our company. We’re brand new. We officially formed in 2021, but we’ve been developing since 2018. And we’ve released two games so far (Powder Penguin & Target Shot).

Our goal with Powder Penguin was to create an endlessly playable puzzle game, where players can also be creators, and even interact with other humans, if they so choose. We wanted it to be simple, yet complex. Tough, but fair. Simply put, we wanted to create a great puzzler. And to us, that means offering a soothing brain exercise, with the occasional opportunity to overcome a challenge that the mind has deemed impossible.

With Target Shot, we aimed to create something a little more straightforward. Inspired by some of our favorite mini games, we set out to build a casual, yet elegant single-player experience. The core gameplay needed to be simple, while offering enough variation and complexity to give users a lasting, fulfilling experience. Moreover, we wanted players to have a peaceful, ethereal environment where they could unwind and have fun. Ultimately, Target Shot embodies what we believe ‘casual’ games should be.

Toddler Popper was a labor of love. We designed it specifically for the child of one of our team members, meaning every feature was created and refined based on that child’s direct input. And since toddlers don’t exactly hold back when it comes to their feelings, obtaining honest feedback was never an issue. As a result, Toddler Popper is probably our most thoroughly tested game to date. It’s also the most personal for us. Not only because of how it was developed, but because of what it represents. It’s an honest, trustworthy kid’s game that serves the needs of real-life parents.

Although we’ve offered you little personal information about ourselves, we don’t live completely off the grid. You can reach us a couple different ways.

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