Toddler Popper

For Real Life Parents

Toddler Popper addresses the issues most children’s games ignore, giving parents that moment of peace they so desperately need.


  • No Ads. No In-App Purchases. No Data Collection.
  • No Parental Assistance Needed.
    • Zero menu/settings buttons to accidentally push and interrupt gameplay.
    • Two swipes required to exit the game, making accidental app closures less likely.
    • Very Friendly Touch Controls to help limit frustration and outbursts.
  • Highly-customizable settings, so parents can tailor the game to their child’s specific preferences.
  • Learn letters and numbers too!
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Developed by Real Parents. Tested by Real Toddlers.

Watch your toddler have fun, while learning numbers and letters (both uppercase and lowercase). There are a variety of game modes, pop animations, and sounds for them to enjoy (and even customize). See their joy and satisfaction when they finish each round of popping!
Number Mode
Confetti Animation
Uppercase Letter Mode
Steam Animation
Lowercase Letter Mode
Shatter Animation
One-at-a-Time Mode
Mixed Animations
Classic Mode
It wouldn't be a popper game without the classic toy's shape.
Name Mode
Enter your toddler's name and watch them learn to spell it.