Target Shot

Casual Deserves Class

Test your aim with Target Shot! Can you hit the center of the target and earn every gold medal?


– 6 Game Modes: Classic, Streak, Timed, Rapid, Sport, & Trick

– 2D & 3D Options for Each Mode (12 Modes Total)

– 108 Medals to Earn

– Customizable Targets. Use the face of your arch nemesis as motivation.

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Aim. Fire. Feel Better.

Sport Mode
Fans of Skeet Shooting will enjoy trying to hit these moving targets.
Classic Mode
10 balls to rack up the best score you can!
Trick Mode
These shots require some thought. Find the right angle and release!
Streak Mode
See how many targets you can hit in a row!
Timed Mode
30 Seconds to hit as many targets as you can.
Rapid Mode
Move quickly! These targets disappear after only a moment.