Target Shot Privacy Policy

Who we are

Pizza Soup LLC is a mobile gaming company.

Our website address is:

Data We Collect

As of January 20, 2022, Target Shot collects a minimal amount of user data. This data is necessary for the game’s proper functionality under the ‘Freemium Model’. As an ad-serving mobile game with in-app purchases, certain data must be collected to ensure adequate security and functionality, mainly while serving ads and processing purchases. There are no plans to collect any other user data at this time. Any future changes to the current policy will be expressed here and within our App Store product page.

Third Parties

At this time, Target Shot utilize two third party software vendors, Google (for analytics and advertising) and RevenueCat (for in-app purchases). User data is not given to or made accessible to any other individuals or organizations by Pizza Soup LLC.

Who we share your data with

Target Shot only shares data with the third-party vendors, mentioned above.

How long we retain your data

Some user data is retained indefinitely, while other user data is deleted after 90 days. Any data retained longer than 90 days is stored in aggregate and not connected directly or indirectly to any device identifiers.